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Content editor and end user training – This is one most important part of the process. If end users are not comfortable with the solution then they will ultimately not use it. If it goes unused the content becomes stale and the entire project is a failure. Training of SharePoint is best handled 2 ways. In person training is best, when possible, as it offers an opportunity to learn even more about what the end users are expecting. Online tutorials should accompany even in person training, as many users don’t use SharePoint daily and like to have an online refresher available to review. If the online training/tutorials are effectively developed remote users should be able to get their jobs done by following the tutorials online without needing in person training. In many global organizations in-person training is not an option for all people. Another option to deliver even more effective online training is to develop animated tutorials using an application such as Adobe Captivate, which delivers animated Flash videos that can easily be viewed online.
The following is an example of on online training I developed for MOSS 2007
1. How To Guide Interactive Tutorial
Editing existing web content Editing Web Content
Creating a new web page Creating New Web Pages
Linking to Documents / Pages Linking to Documents
Inserting Images into Content Inserting Images
Uploading and Inserting an Image      Inserting and Uploading Images
News and Announcements Creating News & Announcements
Create a Survey  

2. Frequently Asked Questions

3. Best Practices

4. Writing Style Guide - One Voice