Greg has worked primarily in IT organizations and is instrumental at building key relationships with other departments and stakeholders. Greg has usually becomes the business champion to the IT organization making sure IT is providing excellent support to the rest of the organization.

His current role; Director - Communication Technology reports to the corporate communications side of the organization where greg truly is the business champion.
Various strategy experience
Communication Strategy - At Invensys The Intranet is the primary communication strategy. This is supplemented with newsletters that are delivered as PDF via Email, online in Flip Book format and delivered throughout the organization via printed glossy copy.
Content Approval Strategy - The communication leadership worked with IT to develop an effective content approval strategy to be used throughout the organization. A streamlined process balanced with control of effective communication defined this solution.
Web Strategy - Children's - The web strategy at Childrens was comprehensive. The strategy covered infrastructure, servers as well as online content. The strategy I proposed saved Childrens almost 1 million dollars with the server solution I defined versus the proposal of the CTO. The online content solution put Children's on the "100 Most Wired Hospital" list in 2006-2009. This was a directive of the CIO and the CEO.
3 year plan - Children's - The 3 year plan was a comprehensive development plan throughout the organization. This plan covered the intranet as well as the external website. The priorities of this plan was adjusted to meet the objective of getting Children's on the "100 Most Wired" list.
Style Guide - Children's - The style guide was a critical tool in getting all of the content editors onto the same page. The meant the intranet would funtion like one cohesive site while getting content updates from content editors throughout the organization.