SharePoint Design and Development

Invensys has defined SharePoint as the official technology to be used throughout the corporation both internally and externally. A SharePoint Intranet and external website were already online and developed. The usability of both sites was very poor. The web strategy was to address these usability issues as soon as possible. Below are examples of the same site after comprehensive Information Architecture has been done as well as branding overhaul and complete Usability rework. This re-work tripled the amount of traffic the site received. Based on survey results this was due to improved site usability 50% and because the content was current and relevant 50%. This shows Good Information Architecture / Usability must be balanced with End User Adoption to keep the content fresh. Both are required to achieve a successful Enterprise Content Management deployment.

After 9 months, the IPS brand was replaced with a new IOM brand and corporate colors. Once again the sites needed to be re-branded but this time maintaining the new user interface that was already well received was important.
Below are screen shots of the Intranet I inherited and the site with the completely re-worked branding, navigation and usability.
Before After