Recommendations and References

What people on Greg's team say about working with Greg.

Lisa Contreras , Global communications Mgr , Invensys Process Systems (IPS) - reported to Greg at IPS - April 7, 2009

"Greg is a brilliant strategist who sees the 'whole picture' but also knows how to bring a team together to implement and deliver on projects. I reported directly to Greg on the Intranet and Internet sites and he trained me on MS SharePoint. He fostered an innovative team with brainstorming, strategy, and cutting edge technology. He built and branded the internal site, as well as imported in other business units websites, added survey design, and upgraded functionality. Greg also built the external site. Greg's vision for the global strategy of the company website (internal and external) brought together disparate business units into one cohesive fuction. He consistently uses technology to take the business to the next level for market competitveness and user functionality. Although he had to work with limited resources he was always willing to lend his valuable insight, technical skills and a helping hand to any project or team member. He is not only a wonderful leader but also a respected peer who drives for results while nurturing each individual's strengths. I highly recommend Greg not only for his strategy and business acumen but also for his leadership style and inclusive team building approach to projects."

Don Ingerson , Systems Analyst , Children's Medical Center - worked with Greg at Children's - September 5, 2007
"Greg is a very talented Web Architect who knows Web development inside in out. Eventhough he was extremely overworked in his position (he was like the Lone Ranger in his position), he always had time to answer work related questions such as Java and anything Web related. He is also easy to work with and has good communication skills (both written and verbal). Based on these facts, I would highly recommend him for any IT position that requires higher technical skills."

Co-Workers recommendations

Jimmie Glorioso , Systems Analyst , Children's Medical Center of Dallas - worked with Greg at Children's - April 23, 2007
"Greg is an enthusiastic employee who has tremendous work ethic. His web development skills are equally impressive."

Max Bell , web programmer / Documentum Architect , TXU -worked directly with Greg at TXU - May 23, 2007
"It was a pleasure working with Greg. His enthusiasm to get things done using whatever technology necessary was always contagious. I could count on him to not only to deliver more than the client expected but also educate them on other solutions they could use and secure repeat or folllow on work as a result. His enthusiasm, integrity and pragmatism are an asset to any team he joins or leads."

Business Partner recommendations

Louis Kuhns , Systems Manager , Childrens Medical Center Dallas - worked with Greg at Children's - October 10, 2008
"Greg Guth is a true architect when it comes to web devlopment. As a previous systems manager at the Children's Medical Center in Dallas, I was tasked to revamp the internal department website. I was paired up with Greg who demonstrated his technical expertise, vision, and professionalism. His assistance with content management and functionality gave our department the flexibility and online presence we needed. I HIGHLY recommend Greg, and think that he would be a huge asset for any organization."

Douglas DoNascimento , Web Marketing Manager , Children's Medical Center Dallas - worked with Greg at Children's - June 2, 2009

"Greg is a Strategist by nature. It was always valuable to hear his input and work with him. What sets Greg apart is his ability to create and implement processes that work. In this business that's invaluable."

Leadership recommendations

Cindy Hilmes; CSM , Project Director , TXU Business Services - managed Greg at TXU - August 7, 2006

"Greg was an excellent developer, and was very loyal and trustworthy. You could depend on Greg to get the job done and to get it done correctly. He had a positive attitude and really made a difference at TXU."

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