Communication Strategy

The Communication Strategy primarily focuses on consistently publishing all internal announcements and external news announcements to the employee population via the Intranet. This keeps the site relevant and current thus making it a communication technology that is utilized throughout the organization. The main method of internal communication is the Intranet. Along with this approach is the development of bi monthly newsletters (Shown below). These newsletters are published and announced on the intranet as well as printed on high gloss paper and distributed throughout the global organization. The IPS newsletter was called "Focus" and the Invensys (IOM) newsletter is called "Synchronized Success".

Synchronized Success

Here is your first look at the latest issue of the synchronized success. The cover story on pages 4-5 provides an overview of the IOM vision and strategic direction, which outlines how we will deliver business value to our customers. The story continues on pages 23-24 with a 'blueprint' illustration that is designed to be a quick reference to keep at your desk.

Additionally, this issue features an in-depth look at the developing IOM ecosystem as well as success stories, competitive information and best practices from the Continuous Improvement team in Reynosa, Mexico.

Remember to tell us what you think!  Your feedback on synchronized success helps improve every issue. We hope you enjoy it.  Please take a moment to share your comments in the link.  Click here to submit your feedback on synchronized success!

See synchronized success - Vol.1 No. 5 in Flip Book format.
See the synchronized success - Vol.1 No. 5 in PDF file format.


Synchronized success - Vol.1 No. 4

Flip Book format.
Synchronized success- Vol.1 No. 4
PDF file format.

Synchronized success - Vol.1 No. 3

Flip Book format.
Synchronized success- Vol.1 No. 3
PDF file format.

Synchronized success - Vol.1 No. 2

Flip Book format.
Synchronized success- Vol.1 No. 2
PDF file format.

Synchronized success - Vol.1 No. 1

Flip Book format.
Synchronized success- Vol.1 No. 1
PDF file format.


Focus News Magazine December 2008Welcome to the first issue of focus magazine.  We�ve designed a vibrant and informative publication to be a valuable source of information about IPS.  Each quarter, you�ll learn more about our performance, strategic direction and the industries we serve.  The goal of focus is to share information on key events, contract wins, success stories and new business in one convenient magazine delivered in print and on the IPS intranet site.

As you turn the pages of focus, you�ll notice three sections that mirror the framework of our new tagline, the Revolution in Performance, which is how IPS is completely changing the game when it comes to impacting performance for clients.  The Revolution in Performance comes to life for our clients through IPS people, technology and solutions, and each section features articles and highlights from the quarter.

Anchoring the magazine are progress and performance snapshots from the five regions that make up IPS.  Plus, each section features a short message from the region�s President.  And finally, the back cover has the last word, a place to feature comments from clients, media, and industry analysts providing a different view on the direction of IPS.

focus is the official news magazine for all IPS team members, and is published quarterly by Global Communications. It�s primarily distributed throughout the organization in hard-copy print-form.  For your convenience, focus is available online via PDF and interactive Flip Book Magazine style.

To submit letters to the editor, story ideas or questions, send an email to:

View the First Edition of Focus Flip Book News Magazine

View the First Edition PDF printable Version of the Magazine.